5 Ways to Care for Your Tulips in a Vase

Tulips are a mesmerizing beauty with their silky-smooth petals and vibrant coloring and can spruce up your home to give it a lasting aesthetic appeal. However, with their high delicacy to handling and sensitivity to water scarcity, it’s imperative to understand your way around taking good care of them. That can be an uphill task if you aren’t familiar with handling these flowery friends. If that profoundly bothers you, this article will bring you to grips with how best you can take care of your tulips.

1. Begin With the Perfect Vase

A vase that conceals your tulips halfway is a perfect fit since they offer support and allow them to grow upright. Remember that your tulips continue growing after cutting them, and you should enable them to do that with ease. A vase with a wide hollow and a narrow mouth can be perfect for your tulips since it’ll hold sufficient water for your flowers. That’ll alleviate intensive watering so that you don’t do it more often.

2. Water Them Adequately With Fresh Water

Tulips are flowery divas and complain a lot when the water is short. They’re susceptible to acute water shortages and will wither without a thought. Besides, they’ll hardly accept dirty or contaminated water whose aftermath is discoloration of the petals to aggravating shades. Therefore, be sure to water them with clean and fresh water to maintain their freshness. It’d be best if you fill-up the vase to three-quarters full and change the water after every two days.

3. Create Matching Patterns

Caring for your tulips is one thing, but using their glamor to spruce up your home is another. These flowers come in different colors and shades, and properly arranging them gives your home the aesthetic appeal you’re looking for. Besides, be sure to match them with other flowers, so they bring ‘the pop out’ effect. You can get these flowers by visiting https://www.floristique.sg/ and finding your perfect Tulips coloring. Ideal pairings can be gerberas, lilies, and roses, and types to avoid include narcissuses and daffodils, which have the potential to speed up their wilting.

4. Avoid Excessive sun

Tulips don’t blossom well without adequate sunlight. However, you should gauge the amounts so that it’s not too much. Excessive sunlight overdoes the flowers’ ability to absorb water since their leaves tend to lose too much of it pretty quickly. However, allow a little sunlight to reach the leaves for photosynthesis to invigorate food production and keep the petals as healthy as they should.

5. Trim the Stems

It would be best not to let the leaves droop to the sides because that’ll create a load on the plant. Tulips tend to proliferate, and it helps to tame them by pruning. Besides, too much foliage will increase its water intake or induce fungal infections that could weaken your tulips. Try creating time to tender your flowery friend at least twice per week. Also, keep in mind that pruning tulips require technique, and you should do it at an angle and treat the wounds to avoid infection.


Tulips are a craft of art, and that endears them among people. However, it’d be best to know your way around giving them the utmost care, so they give you the best out of their enchanting beauty. These flower divas are incredibly sensitive and, therefore, handle them delicately.

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